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Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023: Bio, Wife, Career and Records

Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023: Bio, Wife, Career and Records 

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Lionel Messi is like a superstar in the world of soccer, and he's from Argentina. When he was a kid, he was really, really good at playing soccer. He became incredibly famous when he played for FC Barcelona, a big soccer team. Over the years, Messi broke many records, won lots of awards, and became one of the greatest soccer players ever. Let's delve into Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023, his Biography, wife, Career, Achievements and Records


Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023: Bio, Wife, Career and Records

Lionel Messi's Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Career, and Achievements 


Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. He is a football legend known for his amazing skills. He became incredibly famous while playing for FC Barcelona, where he scored more goals than anyone else in the team's history. He also won big awards like the UEFA Champions League and the Ballon d'Or.

What makes Messi special is how fast and tricky he is with the soccer ball. He can dribble past opponents easily and score goals in a really cool way. People love him not just for his soccer talent but also for being a good person. He helps people with his charity work, and he's very down-to-earth.

From being a young boy dreaming of playing soccer to becoming a worldwide soccer sensation, Messi's journey is a truly inspiring story in the world of sports.


Messi's devotees playfully dub him Leo, Atomic Flea, La Pulga, La Pulga Atómica, and Macedonia. His father, Jorge Horacio Messi, worked as a manager in a steel mill, while his mother, Celia Maria Cuccittini, was a homemaker. Messi's siblings include his elder brother, Rodrigo Messi, and his younger brother, Matisse Messi, along with a sister named Maria Sol Messi.

Despite financial constraints at home, Messi's father remained unwavering in his determination to provide his child with every opportunity for advancement. In his younger days, Messi relished playing with his older siblings. He cherished moments spent with his supportive grandmother, who stood by him.

Lionel Messi's Girlfriend and Wife 

Messi maintains a enduring relationship with his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, who is a model and a professionally trained dietitian. They have stood by each other through thick and thin, sharing a long-lasting romantic bond. The couple has been blessed with two children: Thiago Messi, born on November 2, 2012, and their second child, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, born on September 11, 2015. Although Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo were not married at the time of becoming parents, they eventually tied the knot on June 30, 2017. Prior to their marriage, they welcomed both of their children. Following their wedding, they welcomed a daughter named Ciro Messi Roccuzzo.

Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023: Bio, Wife, Career and Records

Lionel Messi's Career

Lionel Messi, whose full name is Lionel Andres Messi and is often affectionately referred to as Messi, is an Argentine professional footballer. He currently serves as the captain for Paris Saint-Germain and represents the Argentina national team. Messi is currently recognized as one of the top five football players globally, having scored an impressive 86 goals in his international football career. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers in history, having received seven Ballon d'Or awards and six European Golden Shoes.

Messi's journey in football began at the tender age of 5 when his deep love for the sport became evident. His father, George Messi, played a crucial role in providing him with early football training. Messi initially played for Girona FC and later joined the Newell's Old Boys team. Remarkably, he honed many of his football skills by the age of 9, setting the stage for his extraordinary career.

Lionel Messi's Net Worth

Lionel Messi's Net Worth in 2023 is truly remarkable. According to Forbes, he holds the coveted top spot among the highest-paid athletes. His total earnings for the year amount to an astonishing $130 million. Of this impressive sum, $75 million has been earned through his involvement in sports, while an additional $55 million has been generated from various non-sporting ventures and endorsements.

Reports suggest that Lionel Messi's overall net worth exceeds a staggering $620 million, firmly establishing him as the wealthiest footballer worldwide.

In 2021, Messi made a notable move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Interestingly, despite a $22 million decrease in his salary compared to his time at Barcelona, his overall earnings have continued to rise. This remarkable financial growth can be attributed to his lucrative endorsements and other revenue streams.

Lionel Messi is a sought-after brand ambassador for many major companies, including Adidas, Pepsi, and Lays, further contributing to his impressive earnings.

Lionel Messi's Earnings 

In terms of earnings for the year 2023, Lionel Messi finds himself on equal footing with his longstanding rival, the Portugal national team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo. This financial rivalry between the two has persisted since 2013. Cristiano Ronaldo earns $60 million through his sports-related income and an additional $55 million from various non-sports sources. He currently ranks third in terms of overall earnings among athletes.

Forbes recently released a list of the top 10 highest-earning players, and in this year's rankings, Lionel Messi has claimed the coveted title of the world's highest-earning player. His estimated annual income stands at a remarkable $130 million. Out of this substantial sum, $75 million is attributed to his earnings directly related to his performance in football matches, while the remaining $55 million is generated through his endorsements and other off-field endeavors.

It's worth noting that both Messi and Ronaldo continue to be prominent figures in this exclusive list, with Messi emerging as the top earner in 2023, showcasing his remarkable financial success.

Lionel Messi's Achievements and Records 

Messi's remarkable journey commenced with his debut during the 2000 and 2005 game seasons. During this time, he made history by becoming the youngest player in the league and achieving the distinction of being the league's youngest goal scorer. This marked the beginning of his remarkable trajectory. Subsequently, Messi represented Argentina in the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 2006 and participated in the Argentine Olympic football squad, clinching his inaugural international accolade—an Olympic gold medal—in Beijing in 2008. Messi's abundance of talent enthralled fans, leaving them awe-struck by his precise gameplay.

During the 2009 campaign, Messi netted a total of 49 goals. Making history, he achieved the milestone of 200 La Liga goals at a mere 25 years of age. Additionally, he secured the distinction of being the first football player to win the Tea Drinks award consecutively.

Furthermore, he stands as the inaugural athlete to be awarded three European Golden Shoes. On February 16, 2013, Messi graced the field for Barcelona, marking the moment with his 300th goal. He holds the exclusive title of being the sole player in Spanish La Liga to have accomplished this feat. Guiding Argentina as captain, he led them to the World Cup final in 2014, a testament to his leadership. His remarkable accomplishments were acknowledged with the prestigious Golden Ball honor.


Here you read about Lionel Messi Net Worth 2023, Bio, Wife, Career and Records. His life serves as a lesson in achieving success by surmounting challenges through determination and skill. It's essential to remain attentive and, when faced with adversity, prioritize finding solutions over succumbing to panic.

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1. What is Lionel Messi's net worth in 2023?

   Lionel Messi's net worth in 2023 is estimated to be over $620 million, according to reports.

2. Who is Lionel Messi's wife?

   Lionel Messi's wife is Antonella Roccuzzo, a model and professionally trained dietitian. They got married on June 30, 2017.

3. What are some of Lionel Messi's career achievements?

   Lionel Messi has won seven Ballon d'Or awards, six European Golden Shoes, and has scored an impressive 86 goals in his international football career.

4. Which football club does Lionel Messi currently play for in 2023?

   In 2023, Lionel Messi is the captain of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and also represents the Argentina national team.

5. What are some of Lionel Messi's popular nicknames?

   Lionel Messi is affectionately known by various nicknames, including Leo, Atomic Flea, La Pulga, La Pulga Atómica, and Macedonia among his devoted fans.

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