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Prasidh Krishna Wife, Net Worth and Career

Prasidh Krishna Wife, Net Worth and Career

Prasidh Krishna, the talented Indian international cricketer, has been making waves in the world of cricket. Let's see about his personal details from very close like his Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family and many more.
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Prasidh Krishna Biography and Family 

Prasidh Krishna born on 19th February 1996 in Bangalore, Karnataka, his full name is Murali Krishna Prasidh Krishna. He has gained recognition for his remarkable performances in one-day international (ODI) matches, the Indian Premier League (IPL), and domestic cricket.

Early International Success

Prasidh Krishna's journey in international cricket began on 23rd May 2021 when he made his debut against the England cricket team. In a memorable first appearance, he showcased his prowess by taking four wickets. This remarkable start hinted at a promising career ahead.

Prasidh Krishna Family 

Prasidh Krishna hails from a family with a deep-rooted passion for sports. His father, Murali Krishna, was a college-level cricket player, and his mother, Kalavathi Krishna, excelled in national-level volleyball. Their support and encouragement played a pivotal role in shaping Prasidh's career.

Educational Journey 

While pursuing his cricket dreams, Prasidh also focused on his education. He completed his early schooling at Carmel School Padmabhnagar and later earned a B.Com degree from Mahaveer Jain College. This commitment to both education and cricket reflects his well-rounded approach to life.

The Influence of a Mentor

Behind every successful cricketer stands a dedicated coach. Prasidh Krishna's cricketing journey has been significantly influenced by his coach, Shrinivas Murty. Under Murty's guidance, Prasidh honed his skills and developed into the formidable fast bowler he is today.

Celebration of Love

In a heartfelt and traditional ceremony, Prasidh Krishna, the pace sensation of Rajasthan Royals, and his long-time partner Rachana Krishna exchanged vows, highlighting their commitment to each other.

prasidh krishna wife

Unveiling Rachana Krishna

Although Rachana Krishna maintains a private Instagram account and prefers to stay away from the limelight, we take a closer look at her remarkable professional journey. 

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Rachana's Career

With an academic background in computer science and engineering, Rachana Krishna graduated summa cum laude and embarked on her career as a product manager at Dell Technologies. Her dedication to technology and innovation is further evidenced by her stint with Cisco's Technology Strategy and Operations Team. In her pursuit of entrepreneurial ambitions, Rachana founded an EdTech business aimed at bridging the gap between students and corporations, exemplifying her passion for creating meaningful change.

Prasidh Krishna Wedding 

Prasidh Krishna's wedding to Rachana Krishna not only marks a personal milestone but also offers a glimpse into the lives of two accomplished individuals in their respective fields, leaving fans excited for both his personal and professional future.

Prasidh Krishna's IPL Triumphs

Prasidh Krishna's journey in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been nothing short of spectacular. He was retained by the Rajasthan Royals for a whopping Rs 10 crore ahead of the 2023 season, a testament to his outstanding performance during the 2022 IPL season.

The 2022 IPL Impact

In the 2022 IPL season, Prasidh Krishna played a pivotal role in the success of the Rajasthan Royals. With an impressive tally of 19 wickets in 17 matches and a striking rate of 8.29, his contributions were instrumental in the Royals' journey to the final match.

A Setback in IPL 2023

However, the 2023 IPL season took an unfortunate turn for Prasidh Krishna as he was sidelined due to a stress fracture, preventing him from taking the field for the entire season.

Sandeep Sharma's Challenge

In Prasidh Krishna's absence, Sandeep Sharma stepped up to fill the void in the Rajasthan Royals' lineup during the 2023 IPL season. Yet, despite his efforts, the team keenly felt the absence of Krishna's exceptional bowling prowess. Sandeep Sharma managed to secure only 10 wickets in 12 games, with an economy rate of 8.60, highlighting Krishna's significance to the squad.


Prasidh Krishna's story is not only one of personal determination but also a testament to the support of his family and the guidance of a devoted coach. As he continues to make his mark in the world of cricket, fans eagerly await more exceptional performances from this rising star.

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1: When did Prasidh Krishna make his international cricket debut?

Answer: Prasidh Krishna made his international cricket debut on 23rd May 2021 against the England cricket team in an ODI match. He marked this significant moment by taking four wickets in his debut match.

2: What is Prasidh Krishna's educational background?

Answer: Prasidh Krishna completed his early schooling at Carmel School Padmabhnagar and holds a B.Com degree from Mahaveer Jain College. His commitment to both education and cricket showcases his dedication and well-rounded approach to life.

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